The Ukulady is proud to offer her brand new album, To The Downfall of Evil! To the Kids and Humans of Planet Earth!

Hard copies come with a 20 page booklet featuring song lyrics and 15 cartoons by Goopymart, so kids and humans can sing along!

Also available via download!

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The Ukulady’s new album features an assortment of brilliant collaborators, including the screenwriter of Battleship & Red on clarinet, Les Claypool’s sitar player, Gabby La La, Pamplamoose’s Jack Conte, Frank Conniff of MST3K and currently on Current TV, Indie-Rock Ghiant, Don Black, Worldclass bassist, Eric McCann, Children’s Rock-Star, Mista Cookie Jar, Chorus Line Cast Member, Larry Blum, tap-dancing live in the studio, Triple-String Threat, The Ukulad, Comedian, Jackie Jones, Master Omnichordist, Jessica Grant and produced by yoga-music superstar, Wah’s producer, Paul Hollman!


Download Digital Booklet (PDF)


Tasty snack-sized appetizers from the full album!

Paper Cigarbox Ukuleles (excerpt)
Cartoon Bears (excerpt)
Friendheart (excerpt)
Crust Lady (excerpt)
Butterbots & Spiderdroids (excerpt)
Unlikely Friends (excerpt)
Pushpin Owls (excerpt)
Campfire Vampire (excerpt)
Chickens & Dinosaurs (excerpt)
Pretty Hard to be a Person (excerpt)
Weeble & Peanut (excerpt)
The Magic of Friendship (excerpt)
Dragons & Monsters (excerpt)
Camera Heart (excerpt)
Rainbow Valentine Fire Tornado (excerpt)


“A Major Achievment.” – Adult Fan

“We were listening this morning; you make me smile when it’s waaaaay too early to smile!” – Dad of Daphne, age 3

“I LOVE the Ukuladys new album To the Downfall of Evil, All the songs are upbeat and fun to listen to and all of the songs are so good that I almost can’t choose a favorite!” – Yana, Age 10

“Sooooo cute!” – Sam, Age 5

“It’s soooo fun and catchy!” – Sam’s Mom, adult