Armed with her trusty ukulele, pet unicorndog & friendsies, The Ukulady is Human Cartoon and Musical Entertainer for all ages, campaigning for the Downfall of Evil!

Born in an electric storm in Northern California and once self-monikered, Rainbow Valentine, Thessaly Storm Lerner aka The Ukulady promotes Fearlessness, Intellectualism, Creativity, Kindness and Friendship via song, video & live shows.

With over 2 million hits on youtube, The Ukulady has opened for Dr. Demento, shared the stage with famous humans like Patch Adams & Wavy Gravy, been spotted or heard on, Craigslist TV, iKid with Brad Garrett, National Lampoon Radio NPR, The New York Times, The Fillmore West, Comedy Clubs of LA, Venetian Hotel in Vegas, artwalks, parades, festivals, libraries, schools, toy stores, dancehalls, snackhalls and morehalls.

Also known as a voiceover talent, Thessaly Lerner has worked for Disney, Nickelodeon, WB Kids, Leapfrog Toys, Wild Brain, Animax, MTV, Electronic Arts, Sony and hundreds more.

In 2014, The Ukulady sold her first cartoon, Astrid Strudelman, the Unicorn Whisperer, to Dreamworks TV. She is currently producing, writing, directing and starring in the first 13 episodes, as well as developing new properties.

Often compared to a mix of Gilda Radner, Lambchop, PeeWee Herman, Cyndi Lauper and The Muppets, The Ukulady’s first album was for grown-ups only. Her second album, To The Downfall of Evil! Is for the entire family, including your sister’s boyfriend’s great uncle’s best friend’s grandma’s nephew’s baby cousin and neighbors! Her third album, full of heart-on-a-sleeve songs, U, is coming in 2015.

LIKES: Succulents, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Hiking, Camping, Waterfalls, Garage Sales, World Travel, Vintage Toys & Lunchboxes, Tasty Snacks, Pioneers, Yoga, Crafting, The Muppets, Nature, People.

DISLIKES: Hubris, Greed, Traffic, Evil Corporations, Evil Robots, Liars, Nuclear Energy, Mayonnaise.