• To The Downfall of Evil excerpts

    Paper Cigarbox Ukuleles Cartoon Bears Friendheart Crust Lady Butterbots & Spiderdroids Unlikely Friends Pushpin Owls Campfire Vampire Chickens & Dinosaurs Pretty Hard to be a Person Weeble & Peanut The Magic of Friendship Dragons & Monsters Camera Heart Rainbow Valentine Fire Tornado
  • Heart-on-a-Sleeve Songs

    Another Love Song Cupcakes & Art Fast Fire Guitar Hero Fever Heart Binoculars Heart Like Popcorn Hippies Don't Wed Let It Be (cover) Mississippi Muppet Wedding Song Palm Down Pipe Cleaner Boy Postcard Remember Rose & Galen Rusted Robot Cheeks Swan Song Time is a Cupcake
  • Songs for Kids 'n' Humans

    The Jonas Brothers Aren't The Ukulady Ladybug Mushroom The Magic of Friendship Psyched Spooky Mummy Worm Song
  • Jingles & Theme Songs

    Barkley Theme Song Cutie's Theme Fat Kids Love Candy Friendship Air Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary #4 Happy Anniversary Leah & Jamie Happy Birthday Jingle Happy Birthday Pookie Happy Father's Day Happy Happy Happy Happy Mother's Day Happy Mother's Day 2 Itsy Bitsy Spider & Mr. Fly Jingle for Angie Quill & Porcupine Robots Drink Hot Cocoa Roller Skate Fever Swift Cola The OG's Theme Song
  • Novelty & Comedy Songs

    Apartment Envy Bed Car Cartoon Heart Child of the 80's Even Evil Robots Love It Eye Candy Ghosts at the Post Office Kiss Mittens Ode to Arrested Development Tea & Cup Too Hot for Kneesocks Unstoppable Lunch

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  • Personal Songs, Jingles, Theme Songs & Singing Telegrams via Phone or Skype!

    Eliminate Gift-Giving Anxiety and give your Special Meep Peep the gift of a very Special, Magical personalized jingle! 

    What better Gift for the Music ‘n’ Comedy Enthusiast Adult or Child who has everything than a Personal Song and/or Video? 

    Give the gift of a personalized Ukulady jingle for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Holidays, Valentines, Present-Day, Graduations, I Love You Day, Proposals & more!


    The Ukulady is available to perform Singing Telegrams in Southern California, in person and via telephone or skype anywhere in the world!!


    • Personal Jingles-Theme Songs-Singing Telegrams: $125
    • Personal Video with Jingle: $150
    • Singing Telegram via phone: $150
    • Voiceovers: Rates Negotiable

    * Rates vary depending on client and project

    Contact for Booking and Rates

  • Corporate

    The Ukulady is a Creative Visionary. If your company needs an infusion of inspiring, innovative creativity or team building, call The Ukulady.

    • Trend-predictions
    • Branding
    • Creative Solutions
    • Social Networking
    • Motivation
    • Writing
    • Development
    • Producing
    • Directing
    • & More!

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  • Management

    Arsenal Media LLC

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Cherry Hill Bed & Breakfast in Petaluma, CA! Run by the Ukuparents!

Creative Genius, Don Black: Funniest Man on Earth

Gabby LaLa: My friend, collaborator & a Musical-Creative Treat for all!

Will Guy of Goopymart: The Brilliant Cartoonist behind The Ukulady’s Artwork

Jude Mooney, My photographer sister: weddings, maternity, stock & more!

Dubroom Studio For all Your Audio Needs! Where The Ukulady records her albums & coaches voiceover! Paul Hollman is a superior composer, engineer, producer!

Mista Cookie Jar: Fantastic Musical Entertainer for Kids ‘n’ Humans!

Mr. Mopps: A Great Toystore in Berkeley, CA!

Camp Winnarainbow, A Magical Place for Kids: Donate if you can.

Peter Nachtrieb: Great American Playwright

George Nachtrieb: Great American Media Fellow

Gabriel Fleming: Great American Filmmaker

Becky Haycox: Crafter, Improviser, Blogger, all around Genius

Esotouric: Historic Tours of LA with Creative Visionaries, Kim & Richard!

LAVA: the LA Visionary Association!

Wayne Fishell: The best in gay indie acoustic pop!

JibJab: 6 original The Ukulady ecards to send to friends, plus so much more!

Mosaic Tile House: Magical Folk Art House in LA

Lagunitas: Artisan Brewery & Beer & Sponsors of The Ukulady’s grown-up shows!

Kit N Tenders: The Ukulady & Gabby La La’s band!

Voice Media: The Ukulady’s Voiceover Mentor & Voiceover school in Bay Area

Voxorama: Thessaly Lerner & Paul Hollman’s Voiceover Demos, Voiceover Coaching & More!

True Stories in the Bay Area!

Adad Hannah: Genius Artist

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